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Digital Surveillance

Here are some of the major benefits of the digital video surveillance over the analog systems:

  • Improved image quality
  • Constant recording that never stops
  • Simultaneous Record, Playback and Archive
  • No more video tapes, everything is stored digitally on hard drive
  • Less maintenance, less equipment [picture of DVR=VCR+multiplexer+sth]
  • Multiplexing capabilities
  • Fast and easy to use search and playback options
  • Remote viewing
  • User friendly operations

Our digital video surveillance systems are a great deterrent to criminal activity and inappropriate behavior. All activities are stored in a digital form on a hard drive. Each system is custom built to meet the needs and budget of every single customer. Even though the technology is sophisticated, the systems themselves are easy to use and provide business customers with cost-effective dependable solution.

Our systems are low maintenance and self sufficient. No more changing tapes or reviewing hours of useless footage – a motion detection feature comes standard.

Digital Surveillance offers a great feature of remote viewing. Multi level access can be created and nobody can login to the system without authorization. The latest systems are compatible with PDA devices.

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